Dirty Disney

Disney is clean, wholesome, family friendly material, right? Right!?
Oh, you sweet, summer child. Let me enlighten you.

Dirty Disney: Fantasia Edition

What time is it!?

It’s Dirty Disney Time! 


This week’s edition features some of the most blatant, indisputable sexual imagery I’ve seen in any Disney movie.

It’s marvelous. I’m actually pretty surprised they got away with most of this stuff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to present to you all of the dirty segments from one of Disney’s most cinematically impressive movies…
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Dirty Disney Debunked: The Lion King

I’ve ruined your innocence about Bambi and for that I do apologize. But I will make amends. How? By restoring the name of The Lion King, one of my favorites of all Disney movies (and movies in general, for that matter).

There are two rumors I have heard throughout my lifetime about sexuality working its way into The Lion King that I will address here today. 
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Dirty Disney: Bambi Edition

Yes, folks, our March Madness is over and now we’re on to our next installment of Dirty Disney! Ah, Dirty Disney. Where I destroy your childhood by taking an innocent Disney film and show how it’s filled with as much repressed sexual meaning as The Making of Me.  

This week…Bambi.



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Dirty Disney’s Broadway Demo

Dirty Disney.

There’s a lot of it. Hidden away in subtle little corners of their musical walls. I’ll be talking more about it as time passes.

This is just a little gem I discovered a few years ago. It was a song written for the workshop of The Little Mermaid’s Broadway run. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it did not make the final cut. Menken did use this song, however, as the basis on which he created Tangled’s “Mother Knows Best.”

Why do I feel this song is blog worthy? Because it has sneaky little lyrics about parties that “dwindle down until you’re unconscious on the bathroom floor” and “handsome Romeos” that go “bald on top and soft below.”

Not kidding.

Listen yourself if you don’t believe me.

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