PSA: The True Color of Cinderella’s Dress

Dear Reader, I have a mission for you.

There’s something that’s been bugging me for a few years. The inexplicable phenomena that is the color of Cinderella’s dress.

First, ask yourself the question. What color is Cinderella’s dress?

If you’re the average Disney fan who hasn’t seen the movie for a while but walked by the merchandise in the Disney Store in the mall the other day, or remembers the princess from the parks, TV shows, etc, your answer will be…

Blue. Duh.

It’s true. All Cinderella dolls wear a blue dress. The actors in the parks wear blue dresses.  In the sequels and Disney Jr TV shows, her dress is blue.  It’s blue, right?

Take a look at this clip from the actual movie.

I don’t know about you, but that looks silver to me. Silver laced with magical fairy flecks. Like Fairy Dust Silver. You don’t find that on the swatches too often.

The argument could be made for a very light blue…but it’s a stretch. I will say that on the color scale it is definitely closer to silver than the sky blue you see on your niece’s halloween costume.

Why does this bug me? Well, partially because I’m a strange person. Partially because I don’t understand why the Disney Merchandising Department got together and decided to change the color of Cinderella’s dress and mess with the psyche of Disney viewers everywhere. But mostly because, well, the silver dress is way prettier. Look how it sparkles! This is a dress made by a fairy’s magic and will certainly ensnare a handsome prince.

This one….meh.

So why the switcharoo? Did some doll designer just really like blue? Was there some big conspiratorial meeting in the halls of a studio in Burbank where they decided they wanted to pull one over on the public?

I actually kind of want that to be true.

But my guess is that the actual sparkly silver color of the dress is harder to replicate en masse than a simple solid color. White seems too…well, wedding dress-y. Besides, that was her dress at the end when she marries the prince. Little girls want color. So they went with blue. And it’s pretty, I like blue.

But just once, I want Cinderella to come out of her castle in Orlando wearing that classic, sparkling silver dress.  I know it’s probably hard to replicate, that dress is magical! But that’s what you do, Disney. Make it happen.

But they can’t do that. Because then their cover would be blown. Wait…her dress is silver!? What else haven’t you told me!?

So let’s blow their cover for them. Spread the word, dear reader! That is my mission for you. Tell the world: Cinderella’s dress is a lie!

We can do this, people. We have the technology. Twitter, facebook, google+, Twilight Bark, screaming in public places, we can tell everyone!

Together, we can bring back the sparkly!

Update: Some of you have rightly pointed out on here and social media that the dress does look very blue in the scene where Cinderella is dancing with the prince  — thanks for all the comments, by the way! Love to hear from you all.

But I have to counter that the prince’s outfit is the same shade of blue here, as well. And his jacket is indisputably beige.

Which would suggest that Cinderella’s dress is only blue here because of the shadows.

So let us stop fighting amongst ourselves! Let us storm the castles of Aurora and Cinderella and take back the silver dress that is rightfully ours!

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  • eleanor

    I just read why it was changed to blue, so it would stand out against the white magic sparkles. it was changed in later VHS releases of the first film, then returned to original in dvd/blu ray releases

    • LeahIsMagical

      Interesting! I wonder why they didn’t change it back in the merchandise then?

      • whofan99

        It’s probably because it wouldn’t stand out on a white background. And little girls (also boys) get things dirty. Tbh, though, it looks like it’s an extremely light blue. As if they got a white fabric and dipped it in a watered down Prussian Blue.

  • eleanor
  • jdub

    If u watch movie (I have a 3-yr-old, nuff said) u see that her dress changes to a bluish color @ the ball. Not sure why, but it’s in the orig movie.

    • tp.erc

      The dress is blueish at the ball because of the shading. When she isnt in the dark it is still white/silver

  • Judy

    The color of her dress has always bugged me since I am detailed oriented, and colors have to match perfectly to me. The dresses on the dolls in the store all look different. I have yet to see one that looks like the actual dress on the movie….I wished that I was the designer of all those Cinderella dresses…I would make it a real pale icy silver blue, with some long white gloves…I mean really Disney! How hard can that be….Let’s have some continiuty going on here…

    • Heidi Beckner

      Yes! That would be perfect. =)

  • Bob

    It’s ice blue. You’re a moron

  • snowangel223

    I noticed this and it bugged me. The thing is, it’s a very light blue/silver, but when she dances at the ball it becomes slightly more blue and when they go into the evening balcony it is a much darker blue from the shadow colours. The same is true for the cover of the film, as the cover is during the evening when it is dark so the dress is a darker blue.

    Either way, it is the branding of Cinderella now and they can’t change it. There would be an uproar and a huge loss in sales. It bugs me almost as much as little girls dressing up as Disney princesses for Halloween with the face of the princess ON the dress. You can’t BE the princess with the face of the princess ON the dress!

    • Cinderfella

      Omg I hate costumes with the picture on it. Glad I’m not the only one! I’ve always argued with people over the true color of her dress that’s always bugged me too. Glad I’m not alone lol.

    • <3 Cinderella

      I so agree. It’s stupid. No one wears a dress with their face on it!

  • Chinoiserie

    It bothers me too so much. If I had a daughter who liked Cinderella and wanted the doll, I would probably sew a dress myself so I would not have to look at the blue dress. And Disney merchandise seems to be all about sparkles these days so I do not understand why they can not at least make a very light blue dress covered with white sparkles.

    But I think there is some hope that the dress is changed some day. Ariel is wearing green dress (for some reason), at the merchandise at the moment.

    And if Cinderella´s dress was changed to silver it could start a chain reaction. Auroras dress could be changed to the blue (which I prefer) and Ariels to pink. That way there would still be both blue and pink dresses in the line. Unlikely, but one can hope right?

  • Sarah Rahming

    It was not changed on vhs I have those. The mix up is that in the dark the animators made it blue to get effect of a shadow. Go back and watch the film. The dress has been white/silver, and will always be white/silver.

  • Sarah Rahming

    Also as I recall the prince wore white, and its sometimes looked blue. The wedding dress in the end was white, and it sometimes looked blue. Maybe it was an artistic mistake. The pictures were painted by hand at that time. Or maybe it was a look that Walt Disney wanted. :-

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  • Daisy

    The current Broadway production of Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella features a silver sparkly dress very similar to this one.

  • coral

    Actually, there is some things I find unconsidered here. I am a filmmaker and what I noticed from watching the whole sequence of the film, not just the outdoors is that the dress is blue inside and under tungsten normal palace lighting. Blue makes the most sense to back it up as seen in the other parts of the scene because it is a cheaper primary color easier to work with in production. Also having taken lighting, soft diffused light such as a big soft light such as the moon lightens softens colors. Plus I fins it way out of.character and disney pattern style to introduce a white silvery dress that would be confused with the ending white dress of any disney princess, wendy has a light but colored nightgown in peter pan and other might have light colors but its still colored. Silver is not on any other disney palette in the early films that I can recall or visualize nor that disney himself quotes in making of early films. I have read the making of cinderella was used with live action figures first so there must also be some physical historical evudence and or quote by disney in the making of.cinderella to solidify such a debate.

  • Cinderfella

    I’ve always hated this. Her dress is silvery white and while we are on the topic of wrong colores lets not forget her hair. Clearly she’s no blonde.

    • Heidi Beckner

      Well, at least not bleach-blonde like in the merchandise. I’d say she’s dark blonde… or sandy.

  • why_mee

    I made a Cinderella dolls dress all in white. I also have light blues, some silver, and light sheer with sparkle on it. also the brown and blue colors of her cleaning clothes. I am making all the outfits! Organza fabric has a sparkle effect, and also some with ‘raindrops’ on them. The Cinderella dresses CAN be made, I am doing just that! 🙂 You have to find materials similar to all the princess gowns, and make them yourself.

    • Heidi Beckner

      Yep! This is one of those things where you just bite your lip and decide that “if you want it done right, you gotta hunker down and do it yourself.” And then there’s always the joy and satisfaction that comes with it and the complements from your friends etc. =)

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  • Missie Lizzie

    because throughout this scene her dress is shades of blue.

    • Picobill

      Just watched the Ball Scene arrival to Departure.. It’s a chameleon dress… Arrive – White/Silver but blue with white trim in shadow… Shadow would be a good explanation ‘cept Disney blew or should I say Blue it as Cinderella ran off.. right back into Ballroom and in full light wearing a BLUE Dress… I’d say it was a magical mood ring dress but blue is “Normal” and since she was falling in love the charts say it should be green… *L* Still it’s a Classic whatever color

      • why_mee

        Cartooning paint colors would have been more like a black and white effect, so they chose the lighter blue colors to give the shaded effect of the white fabrics. The dress vision was most likely a white satin, with white sheer puffs. Walking into darker areas with vague lighting will give a white dress blue hues, so the artist tried to give that affect when painting. Also, the prince’s jacket had a blue hue, when actually it was white.

    • Amber

      BECAUSE IT’S NIGHT TIME!! Night time shadows always make things look blue-ish!!

    • Heidi Beckner

      Because of the shadowy night-time effect. The Prince’s shirt also looks blue, but inside, it’s a creamy white. Notice how everything in the outside dancing scene looks blue in order to give it a true night-time feel.

  • Tink

    What’s even worse….they’ve made her dress blue in the new live-action film being released next year 🙁 Oh, I am so sad.

    • Amber

      so not happy with that choice. way too blue…

    • why_mee

      Blue is pretty, but it’s not a true to art form of the real Cinderella cartoon movie. her dress was white!

  • chris

    Here is the answer it is silver and i will tell you why because even though the story isn’t exactly a brothers grim tale just an adaptation of it they still wanted to keep certain qualities. If you read the brothers grim story she goes and calls to the birds to bring her silver and gold to wear. So Her dress in the movie is actually silver. However i can understand the misconception because her dress is mainly seen at night so it has more of a blue tint. Now for marketable reasons disney has went for the more pleasing color blue vs. silver the blue would win obviously. Sadly the 2016 version coming out will be featuring a brilliant blue dress… i was hoping for silver but i like blue too…

  • Tania Trujillo

    I am strange person too so this does bug me not to mention the fact that she was NOT a blonde in the movie… sigh!

  • <3 Cinderella

    Thank You! I am a Cinderella freak and her dress is defiantly not blue! It is silver and the silver is way prettier. It bugs me so much to see replicas that are not true to the original movie.

    • why_mee

      definitely. 🙂 (defiantly is another word)

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  • Amber

    The dress only looks blue because they are dancing AT NIGHT, where it is shadowed. wow. The dress may have an icy hue to it, but it was never blue. Just like Sleeping Beauty spent the entirety of the movie in a BLUE dress, but she’s always marketed in a pink dress, when CLEARLY, Ariel had the pink fancy dress. ugh. Get it right already, Disney!

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  • Annie

    This seems especially important now, in these days of color changing dresses.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought it was blue! The silver one looks much better! Not to say the blue one isn’t bad. They should change it.

  • kitten10333

    i think is that darn moon light even in the ordinal book Disney was soo pleased with that work i think they just forgot

  • princess

    bumping thread as the Cinderella film has come out and i agree! they changed the colour and the feature film portrays the blue when the only princess that wore blue (which then changed to pink as the fairies were fighting over it) was aurora, Cinderella’s dress is only darker in the cartoon at the ball because its dark in the castle end of story

  • bizzonzzon

    Can we also spare a minute and point out that Cinderella is a redhead? Not a blonde?

    And don’t feed me that strawberry-blonde cock-and-bull.

  • Madeline

    OK, this is an old feed, but I totally agree that it’s silver!! We are going to Disney in a couple of weeks and have reservations for dinner at Cinderella’s Castle. I am on a mission to find that perfect shade and make my daughter the actual silver ballgown!! But of course, she’ll probalbe hate it lol

  • Jane

    Just before reading this I was having this exact same rant with a friend. Then I read her this article she was thoroughly amazed by how similar our writing styles are, so congratulations self another “normal”
    person like me way to go!!!

  • Lindsay Moore

    I 10000000% agree with you and was JUST talking about this the other day.

    Cinderella’s dress is also NOT made out of velour-type material, either! Gah!

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  • saturn0205 .

    If you think about it, the change in Cinderella’s dress color is most likely the thing that sparked the same marketing department to put Aurora in the pink version of her dress for marketing. Too much blue in the lineup otherwise, lol!