The Disney Difference – Disney with Disabilities

When Disney wants to sell you something for an obscene amount of money, they always cite the “Disney Difference.” The extra touch of magic, that peppy smile from the cast members, that further mile they go to make your vacation a truly special one.

We Disney bloggers and super-fans like to throw this phrase right back in their faces whenever Disney does something we don’t like. I’m no exception.

But I was never made more astutely aware of how phenomenal the Disney Difference truly can be than the first time I visited Disney as a disabled person.

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World Showcase, Animal Trails, and Interactive Games: Discovering Disney World by the Slow Path

I’ve talked before about how theme parking is a sport, and often times a contact one. There is the phrase you’ll often hear at Disney, “I’m gonna need a vacation after my Disney vacation!”

And, honestly, that’s part of what I love about Disney. I love the thrill of a fast paced vacation where you soak in as much magic as possible.

But this past trip, my family and I decided to do it a little differently. We decided to…take. our. time.

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Why I F@#*ing Hate Cinderella

Guys. It’s no secret. I’m a capital F Feminist.

Friendly reminder that feminism means economic, social, and political equality of the sexes and doesn’t involve humorless man-haters who think males should be kept underground and used only for breeding purposes like Time Magazine would have you believe. But I digress.

I also love Disney. That one should also be obvious. I mean, I have a blog about it.


So when I watch the original princess movies, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc, I get a little angsty at the anti-feminist messages the movies portray. As I’ve grown older, though, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits and occasional positive lessons to be learned from these movies as long as they’re given the proper context by the parents who introduce them. I’ve even come to genuinely like Snow White.

But there is one princess who defies salvation. Nothing can pardon her egregious sins against the cause for true equality of the sexes. Dat bitch? Read More…

The Problem with Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket. I really don’t.

I loved Big Hero 6. It gave me way more feels than I planned on having this week. I fell madly in love with Baymax, and the movie should be lauded for its storytelling, animation, and, especially, its commitment to a diverse cast that never resorted to belittling tokenization.

It was refreshing. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for criticism or improvement. And I, for one, am really confused about the identity of this character: Honey Lemon.

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