The Problem with Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket. I really don’t.

I loved Big Hero 6. It gave me way more feels than I planned on having this week. I fell madly in love with Baymax, and the movie should be lauded for its storytelling, animation, and, especially, its commitment to a diverse cast that never resorted to belittling tokenization.

It was refreshing. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for criticism or improvement. And I, for one, am really confused about the identity of this character: Honey Lemon.

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Top 5 Disney Character Interaction YouTube Videos

Usually character meet and greets are fairly perfunctory. Kid waddles up, presents the character with an autograph book, the character signs it, gives the kid a hug, snaps a picture, the next kid in the factory line waddles up and repeats the process.

But, when given the opportunity, the characters can get really creative with their interactions. Luckily, we have YouTube to share these unique experiences with thousands of Disnerd strangers. Here are my personal favorites.

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7 Reasons Why Baloo and Bagheera were Timon and Pumbaa Before it Was Cool

In the recent Frozen Frenzy that just never seems to die (says the girl who recently blogged about Frozen), many have pointed out the startling similarities between said Nordic cash cow and the African inspired The Lion King (the “Frozen of the 90s”).

However, I have discovered that this is just a continuing cycle. Because The Lion King totally ripped of Jungle Book.

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