Kill/Marry/Refurb: Epcot Pre-Shows

I love pre shows. Whether it’s the masterpiece that is the Muppets 3D pre-show or the spine chilling voice of faux Rod Serling in the Tower of Terror, they set the mood for the attraction and can be almost as fun as the ride itself.

Today we’re talking about the ones that belong to the bane of every small, Magic Kingdom-loving child’s existence, Epcot!

And yet, the older I get, the more I love it.

Let’s play!

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Is Disney Starting a New Renaissance?

Okay, so a couple of things happened this week in the land of Disneydom.

First, we got a teaser for a teaser for Big Hero Six…

Yeah, that was a little strange. Or just Disney taking advantage of an obsessed Disney culture where fans get all atwitter when a new trailer comes out. But I don’t do that at all…

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Re-Viewing Fantasia: Artistic Innovation and Walt’s Enormous Balls

Hey, did you guys know I had a blog?

I should probably write on that again.

Also I think I was doing some sort of series where I “re-view” all of the Disney animated films…?

Yeah. Sorry. Been away. I can only blame rabid panthers who destroyed my typing fingers.

That’s nerft true. I tyepe just fyneeee.

Whoops. Had a relapse. Back to the blogosphere!

So today we’re talking about Walt’s pet project Fantasia.

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