The Disney Princess Dilemma: Part Two

They’ve taken Merida.

That’s right, Pixar’s newest girl-power role model has taken a turn for the whorse. I recently ranted about Disney’s slutification of the classic Disney princesses. Well, now they’ve reached outside of their own wheelhouse and taken on Pixar’s first princess as well. They took her. And they turned her.

This, to me, hurts more than the rest of the redesigns. Why? Because the Disney princesses were always exploited as celestial beings ripe with unattainable beauty. Merida was different. She wasn’t ugly, by any stretch of the imagination. But she looked more like a real teenager.

She had unruly hair. Her chin was too small. She’s still pretty thin but she doesn’t have an unrealistic boob-to-waist ratio. Seriously, Jasmine must have some killer back pain. In short, she more closely resembled what a young impressionable viewer might one day grow up to look like. This is what impressed me most about this character, and the movie Brave in general. It filled me with even more respect for Pixar, even if the overall movie quality fell short of their other films. They created a believable, realistic, and upstanding role model that young girls (and even boys) could aspire to.

So, of course, Disney Merchandising takes all that Pixar integrity and throws it right in the crapper.

Frizzy hair? That’s not pretty! Angelically and perfectly luscious curls for you!

And let’s shrink that waist, can’t make it look like you ever eat!

Now let’s fix those eyes, they weren’t nearly mature or feminine enough.

Let’s give her some more boobage, too. Little kids love boobs.

[Big Bro’s note: They sure do]

I won’t rant too much more on this, because I’ve pretty thoroughly covered my feelings on the matter in my previous article.

I will, however, encourage you to hop on over to Change.Org and sign “A Mighty Girl’s” petition to stop the redesign.

No, it may not be the most important issue out there today. But media has a huge influence over children’s lives. There’s no denying that the images they watch as a child will burn in their minds forever. Merida represents a strength and presence of character that has absolutely nothing to do with physical beauty. It’s an important image for children to have in their early years. So let’s not take it away from them! If you want today’s youth to have a healthier idea of what women should grow up to be, both physically and mentally, then I ask you to take a brief moment and sign the petition.

Otherwise, we can only look forward to a future filled with this:$T2eC16VHJHYE9nzpeC)mBQWNuyOCBg~~60_35.JPG$T2eC16VHJHYE9nzpeC)mBQWNuyOCBg~~60_35.JPG

Seriously, what’s with all the sparkles? It looks like a vampire threw up on her.

Stop messing with my childhood!

Update: Guys, it actually worked! No official statement has come out of Disney, but they’re now saying that this redesign was only for her “princess coronation.” Yeah, right. Way to backpedal, Disney. Either way, I’m glad they are. The new designs are being taken out of the Disney stores and it looks like freckled-faced Merida is here to stay! Well done, internet! Next stop: world hunger! Or at least the Dreamfinder.

  • Pherber Lovelace

    Rodent greed at work. They all look like they belong in a brothel! How disgusting from the Rat.

  • GoldenGirl

    Yahoo! So glad it worked! I have always loved the original princesses. As a little girl I would sit and stare at my beautiful dolls for hours. They were so perfect. I kept seeing these new versions on the Internet & googled to find out what was going on… Stumbled across your blog & couldn’t stop laughing at your original post. Hilarious outrage 🙂 Thanks for that. Of course there’s more important issues in the world, but I agree it starts with our kids & I’m so sick of the ab-whorish looking dolls nowadays. Have you seen the new My Little Pony?? They used to be beautiful and sweet. What happened? Well anyway, I’ll let you be the blog writer 😉 Just wanted to say thank you for helping to keep our childhood princesses lovely and innocent. Xoxo

    • LeahIsMagical

      Haha “abwhorish.” I enjoy. Glad you enjoyed reading! And I fully encourage my readers to share all their opinions, so thank you!

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