Charities Your Favorite Disney Princesses Want You to Donate To

It’s the holiday season, and with the new year approaching, it’s a great time to think about how to give back. Not sure which cause is nearest to your heart? Let your favorite Disney princesses be your guide!

What follows is a list of charities I think the Disney princesses would support based on their values and experiences.

Note: All charities listed in this article have top ratings on, unless otherwise noted. Read More…

Top Five Disney YouTube Videos

“Fandom is the cradle of the next generation of creative people.” – Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who.

In honor of this sentiment, I have compiled a list of my favorite Disney-related YouTube videos, because, damn, these people are creative. Read More…

Recommendation: The Pixar Touch

Can’t get enough of Pixar? I got more for you right here.

In my last review I declared my undying love for this revolutionary animation company, born of the wonderful documentary The Pixar Story. Now I have another Pixar tell-all to recommend to you, this time in book form: The Pixar Touch.

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Recommendation: The Pixar Story

I love Pixar. With all my heart.  With this statement, I don’t mean that I love the movies, which, don’t get me wrong, I do. Toy Story is the greatest trilogy ever created (yes, even better than Lord of the Rings and I will fight you on that) and no movie makes me laugh and cry like Up! does.

What I mean from that sentence is that I love Pixar the company. I love the people who work there and I love their philosophy, and this documentary is the reason why.

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Reader Feedback: The Too-Cool-for-Disney Age Gap

Dear Proprietress,

First of all, brilliant site. Not sure who is running this show but whoever she is must be brilliant.

Help me.

I am the father of 2 middle school aged children. My younger son refuses to watch Wall-E with me. How might I change this? Is he too old to have his brain modified with large doses of electricity.

Now for the really big issue…. I was in Best Buy and noticed that Finding Nemo was out in 3D. I asked them if they’d watch it with me. Their response – ‘no!’!!

Given their reaction, was it wrong for me to do the ‘Homer Simpson’ to them in the middle of the store?

Please help. I am considering family therapy which I can’t afford.


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Hidden Gem: The Forgotten Songs of Aladdin

In my travels through the interwebs, I discovered this very cool CD that features the demo, work-in-progress, and cut songs from Disney’s Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

Before you get too excited, at $61.77, the CD runs a little steep.  However, it got me looking into the songs featured on the fourth disc, the songs written for the Aladdin that almost were but weren’t. Which I would now like to share with you!

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