I’m Taking My First Disney Trip…Do I Really Need to Plan it?

  • As you can tell from my multiple tweets, I love this. A lot. You are great. I think going on a first trip requires some planning but maybe not too much? When we went on our first trip my mom let another family (we knew them, don’t worry) lead the way and then for our second trip, we had a much better idea of what we liked vs. what they liked. Also, my mom had never been there before and had NO idea how spread out the whole thing was. I think that’s something people don’t realize either. Take recommendations from people who go (but not all of them), try something new (you gotta), and then definitely rely on those sites you mentioned. The internet is fabulous but you also have to be careful about being up bad information. (This is something I am seeing lately.) With the Magic Bands, it seems even harder lately for a new family to “get” how to plan their trip. What do you think?

    • LeahIsMagical

      Thanks so much!! You awesome too, lady.

      That is a really good point! One of the best resources is definitely talking to experienced Disney trippers that you know. Especially because that way you have someone to blame if the advice is bad 😉

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