A Prince to Us: Why We’ll Never Get Over Robin Williams

There once was a boy who decided he never wanted to act like a grown up.

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He had fought many inner demons throughout his life.

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And he decided the best way to do this was by making other people smile,

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and laugh,

and by doing the best impression of a hot dog this world has ever seen.

He did this on screen in his hometown…

And far away, where only a few very special people could hear.

But he didn’t stop there. He could do more than boner jokes.

He had…

and could instantly transform himself into many different people.

He could make us think,

and he could make us cry.

He broke barriers.

Taught us to trust ourselves,

to be original,

and to seize the day.

So if someone this profoundly and uniquely special could feel so desperately sad, and people can still question whether or not depression is a Disease with a capital D…

To the late and great who touched so many lives so immeasurably, we say…

But mostly, to anyone reading this, if you are feeling sad, please realize,

If a man capable of all this could feel unbearable grief, then anyone can. Depression is a very real medical disease. One that friends, family, and, especially, doctors can try and help you with. You don’t need to fight this alone.

It does get better.

Don’t let his death be in vain. If you know someone who is suffering, or are suffering yourself, please get help. You have just as important a verse to write as he did.

Here is the suicide hotline — you can call OR chat online, tips for recognizing and coping with depression, as well as ideas for helping a loved one.

The smallest thing could make the world of difference.

Farewell, Robin. We ain’t never had a friend like you.