Is Disney Starting a New Renaissance?

Okay, so a couple of things happened this week in the land of Disneydom.

First, we got a teaser for a teaser for Big Hero Six…

Yeah, that was a little strange. Or just Disney taking advantage of an obsessed Disney culture where fans get all atwitter when a new trailer comes out. But I don’t do that at all…

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.22.12 PM

But then we got an actual teaser for Big Hero Six! 

And, being a teaser, it reveals absolutely nothing about the movie! But it was incredibly clever and entertaining and it got me super psyched for this next project.

Also it made me want a marshmallow puff. And to watch Ghostbusters again.

Wait a minute, I’m excited? For a Disney movie? That hasn’t happened in a while…more on that later.

Then, to try and dull the pain that we have NO PIXAR MOVIE THIS SUMMER…

I’m okay. I’m calm.

…anyway, a few more details about Pixar’s next enigmatic movie, Inside Out was released. 

And it looks really inventive and I have high hopes for it. But I’m equally excited for Disney’s new movie and, despite my hair catching on fire just now, I’m not as sad that I have to wait for a Pixar movie as I probably would have been a few years ago.

So what’s happening here, really?

Well, people are getting excited for Disney movies again.

Remember the hype for Wreck It Ralph or Tangled?

Neither do I. A lot of Disney fans I know didn’t see them until they came out on video because they didn’t believe they were any good. Because people didn’t have a whole lot of faith in Disney movies. All people cared about was what Pixar had to put out next. But now, with the success of the aforementioned titles, plus the monster hit that was Frozen, Disney is restoring its brand. It seems that, with John Lasseter taking the helm in Disney animation, the Pixar philosophy of “story first” (which he took from Disney’s golden age) has really carried through to create a new wave of Disney animation.

Are these new movies as good as Disney’s finest? Not yet. Of course, I say that with a thick pair of nostalgia glasses. But, I’m just gonna say it, although Frozen was amazing, it’s not as good as the hype was big.

I’ll elaborate on that in a future post. But one of the biggest things Frozen had going for its success was the surprise. Everyone, including myself, was ready to hate that stupid talking snowman. I rolled my eyes at the trailers when they came out. “Best thing since Lion King? Good luck!” No one thought we’d cry like babies at a song called Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? No one was expecting it to be any good.

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens now that the expectations for Disney Animation have suddenly raised exponentially.

But I’m hopeful, because we can clearly see that Disney has returned to their original philosophy of quality visual storytelling. So I think we have a right to be excited for what they have to show us next. I know I am. Even if I have no idea what this teaser trailer is revealing about the movie, Disney has actually managed to gain back my trust and make me believe they just might know what they’re doing.

So, for the first time in forever, I’m super psyched to sit back and watch what Disney has got in store for me.

[Big Bro’s note: Don’t think you were sneaking that Frozen reference past me, and just after you dared to diss it. For shame.]

Let’s just hope they can live up to their new hype. Stay tuned.

  • Alright coming from someone that loves video games more than disney. I was super hyped for Wreck It Ralph I know a lot of friends who really wanted to see it and I feel like the reason most “normal” disney fans were hyped for it was because they would not get a lot of the in jokes and other things that gamers would love about it. Pretty much as soon as it came out gaming blogs were screaming from high mountains, “GO SEE THIS MOVIE,” and I felt that helped build it up a bit. I also still think that Brave was so underrated. Fucking loved that movie.

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