Crowd Management: Part 1

Alright, so I already told y’alls to head down during the holiday season to see how magnificent Mickey looks when he’s decorated for Santa. Only snag with that plan is it can get super crowded this time of year. Think Walmart on Black Friday.

To give you an idea…

Fun fact: At park’s opening, in order to avoid a wildebeest stampede, the cast members used to hold a rope across the street and lead the massive mob to the attractions at a brisk walk. Didn’t work. Just like Mufasa, the cast members were taken over by the ravenous beasts. So Disney decided to use small children to hold the ropes instead. Risky. But, thankfully, effective. The children remain un-trampled and humanity retains a small amount of dignity.

But, with a few tricks of the trade (which I will impart to you over the next few days), you can avoid the mayhem and have a truly magical day.

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Once Upon a Time: Into the Deep

Okay, so this show isn’t technically directly Disney related. But Disney owns ABC and the writers seem to use Disney films as their cannon instead of Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson so….I say it’s kosher for this blog.

Warning! Here be spoilers….

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Top Five Disney Villains

So I was listening to a Disney podcast the other day (actually, the one I recommended in a previous post) and I heard a fun little rumor regarding Gaston’s Tavern in Disney World’s New Fantasyland. There may be an event that takes place there called “Unhappy Hour” where all the villains get together and lament about their thwarted evil plans.

The idea got me so excited that I decided to create a list of my favorite villains, with whom I’d love to share a pint of LeFou’s brew.

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The Magical World of Jack Sparrow

Oh, Jack. Remember when you were cool? When you first appeared on the silver screen with your spastic hands and your strangely sexy guyliner?  Critics loved you, little boys idolized you, tween girls salivated over you…but Disney just couldn’t keep their hands off of you, could they?

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The Best of Disney World at the Holidays

Thinking of heading down to Florida for the holidays? Do it! Disney World is never more beautiful or magical than it is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So if you need convincing, or are already planning a trip this December, here are few not-to-be missed attractions that make the holidays at Disney World unforgettable.

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Dragons? Dragons!

For a little while now, the internet has been buzzing about Disney Imagineers testing flying dragon contraptions, presumably for the theoretical “Avatarland” set for Disney’s Animal Kingdom (more on that another time).

Turns out we were wrong. Not about the dragons, but the location.  Disney Parks’ Official blog has been reporting “dragon sightings” in the form of a grainy video and sepia photo of mysteriously large eggs.

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