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How To Fix The Muppets TV Show

By now we’ve well established that I am a huge fan of The Muppets.

So the fact that I had to force myself through most of the episodes of the new Muppet Show with a considerable amount of boredom mixed with the occasional dash of agonizing pain? Well, that’s quite a feat. It seems that my initial trepidations over the direction of the show were more correct than my 180 degree turn into total faith after their concept pitch at Comic Con.

I hate it when I’m right and then wrong and then right again.

But I am holding out hope. Why? Because they’ve chucked out Bob Kushell as showrunner and brought in Kristen Newman. Who seems to understand that we do indeed want our grandmother’s muppets.

But, I have been burnt by Muppety promises before. Read More…

Top 5 Underrated Disney Movies

There are a lot of Disney movies, especially in recent past, that, though they’re wonderful movies, get a lot more hype than they really deserve.

Then there are these movies. Stellar little gems that are unfortunately overlooked and under-appreciated. I don’t just like these movies — I am passionately obsessed and if you disagree with any on this list, I will meet you with pistols at dawn.

Or balloon swords. Yeah, balloon swords are better.

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Top 5 Disney Character Interaction YouTube Videos

Usually character meet and greets are fairly perfunctory. Kid waddles up, presents the character with an autograph book, the character signs it, gives the kid a hug, snaps a picture, the next kid in the factory line waddles up and repeats the process.

But, when given the opportunity, the characters can get really creative with their interactions. Luckily, we have YouTube to share these unique experiences with thousands of Disnerd strangers. Here are my personal favorites.

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Top Five Disney YouTube Videos

“Fandom is the cradle of the next generation of creative people.” – Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who.

In honor of this sentiment, I have compiled a list of my favorite Disney-related YouTube videos, because, damn, these people are creative. Read More…

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