The Ballad of Adele DaZeem: a Disney Oscar Summation in Tweets

Last night the world was given a new celebrity icon: Adele DaZeem.

It all started with a hostage situation. Hordes of little girls in tiaras begging their parents to let them stay up to watch Elsa sing. Disnerds everywhere tolerating odious acceptance speeches in a somewhat masturbatory self-congratulation ceremony for people who play pretend. A nation waiting with baited breath to hear the ice queen sing.

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Muppets? MUPPETS!

It is a universally acknowledged truth that everything is better with muppets.


Wanna make an entertaining variety show? Add some muppets. Planning a 3D theme park attraction? Do it with muppets. Trying to hunt down treasure on a deserted island? Let’s throw some muppets in there! And Tim Curry. Just for fun.

What’s next on the list to be improved by these splendiferous hunks of rubber and fur?


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Hidden Gem: The Forgotten Songs of Aladdin

In my travels through the interwebs, I discovered this very cool CD that features the demo, work-in-progress, and cut songs from Disney’s Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

Before you get too excited, at $61.77, the CD runs a little steep.  However, it got me looking into the songs featured on the fourth disc, the songs written for the Aladdin that almost were but weren’t. Which I would now like to share with you!

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Dirty Disney’s Broadway Demo

Dirty Disney.

There’s a lot of it. Hidden away in subtle little corners of their musical walls. I’ll be talking more about it as time passes.

This is just a little gem I discovered a few years ago. It was a song written for the workshop of The Little Mermaid’s Broadway run. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it did not make the final cut. Menken did use this song, however, as the basis on which he created Tangled’s “Mother Knows Best.”

Why do I feel this song is blog worthy? Because it has sneaky little lyrics about parties that “dwindle down until you’re unconscious on the bathroom floor” and “handsome Romeos” that go “bald on top and soft below.”

Not kidding.

Listen yourself if you don’t believe me.

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