Five WDW Attractions in Need of Love

Okay, so I’m running out of synonyms for “wonderful” and “magical.” So instead of breaking out the thesaurus, I’ve decided to switch to complaint mode. Seems reasonable.

After all, Disney isn’t perfect. They certainly have their pitfalls. And no one is better at complaining than me. So I’ve decided to create a handy man list for Disney Imagineering of rides that need to be refurbished. I’ll give it to them when we have lunch next Tuesday.

To be clear, these aren’t rides that I want demolished. That’s another post for another time. These are rides that I love and enjoy but are in need of a little makeover. Or a big makeover. Depends.

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Walt Disney World’s Top 10 Lines

Theme Park dialogue has a reputation for being, well, terrible. It’s corny and dumb. Or just perfunctory. “Please keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. Take small children by the hand and hold on to all personal belongings…” After a while, it starts to sound like the adults on the Peanuts TV show. Read More…

PSA: The Most Dangerous Ride in Disney World

Reader, it’s time for another Public Service Announcement. I’d like to talk about the most dangerous ride at Walt Disney World. No, not Tower of Terror or even Mission: Space. I’m talking about the mind warping, soul catching glee-fest that is better known as It’s a Small World.

I hear you, reader. You think: okay, chill out dude. It’s a Small World might be boring, the butt of everyone’s jokes, and so sacharine it can actually induce diabetes…but dangerous?

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Disney’s Castle Projection Shows: The Castle is Alive! …Oh, wait, not anymore

In December of 2011 my family and I were standing in Main Street with our Dole Whip, waiting for Wishes, my favorite fireworks show, to start. Suddenly, we heard an announcement that was not, as we expected, from Jimminy Cricket, but from Disney’s generic Something’s-Gonna-Happen Guy.

“Today, right here, in the Magic Kingdom, thousands of magical memories were made, and you were there…So join us now, as we visit all the fun, all the all the adventure, all the family experiences you made here today as we proudly present: The Magic, the Memories, and You.”

And then the castle started…changing. Read More…

It’s the Little Things: Minnie’s Pin Stroller

Okay, I know, I know. It’s been a while. I had to take a brief hiatus. Apologies all around! Just needed time to soak in the awesome sauce of my recent Disney trip. Don’t feel jealous! I brought back souvenirs. No, not one of those giant multi-colored lollipop things.

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