BREAKING! ABC’s Blackish Season Premiere Reveals Newest Disney World Technology: Transporting Portals

Disney, who recently invested a billion dollars in their new Magic Band technology, has just announced their newest technological project: Magic Portals.

That’s right, Magic Portals. As in gateways that take you from one park to another, in the blink of an eye, simply by walking through them. We saw the precursor to this technology at Enchanted Tales with Belle, where the Beast’s magic mirror takes guests from Belle’s Cottage to the Beast’s castle. It was previously assumed these rooms were connected, but now we know this was a discreet test run of an undisclosed, patented scientific breakthrough (possibly with the aid of fairy dust, maybe even some mid-chlorines), that allows Imagineers to teleport guests in between parks that are miles apart in only a matter of seconds.

The technology is subtly and brilliantly revealed in the season premiere of Blackish, the ABC sitcom created by Kenya Barris, which took place in Disney World, because, you know, corporate synergy.

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The Disney Difference – Disney with Disabilities

When Disney wants to sell you something for an obscene amount of money, they always cite the “Disney Difference.” The extra touch of magic, that peppy smile from the cast members, that further mile they go to make your vacation a truly special one.

We Disney bloggers and super-fans like to throw this phrase right back in their faces whenever Disney does something we don’t like. I’m no exception.

But I was never made more astutely aware of how phenomenal the Disney Difference truly can be than the first time I visited Disney as a disabled person.

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World Showcase, Animal Trails, and Interactive Games: Discovering Disney World by the Slow Path

I’ve talked before about how theme parking is a sport, and often times a contact one. There is the phrase you’ll often hear at Disney, “I’m gonna need a vacation after my Disney vacation!”

And, honestly, that’s part of what I love about Disney. I love the thrill of a fast paced vacation where you soak in as much magic as possible.

But this past trip, my family and I decided to do it a little differently. We decided to…take. our. time.

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Top 5 Disney Character Interaction YouTube Videos

Usually character meet and greets are fairly perfunctory. Kid waddles up, presents the character with an autograph book, the character signs it, gives the kid a hug, snaps a picture, the next kid in the factory line waddles up and repeats the process.

But, when given the opportunity, the characters can get really creative with their interactions. Luckily, we have YouTube to share these unique experiences with thousands of Disnerd strangers. Here are my personal favorites.

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