A Cynic’s Top 5 Disney Couples

I’m far from what you might call a romantic, but I figure if anything can get me in the spirit of this Hallmark-created holiday, it’s Disney. So let’s take a look at the company that gave so many women unrealistic hopes about Prince Charming, and pick my favorite Disney couples! This could be difficult because, when it comes to romances, I’m a hard ticket to sell. Prince Phillip does squat for me. Talk, you dragon killing mannequin!

But here are the Disney couples who make me feel something close to an emotional response, and I begrudgingly admit to actually enjoying. Read More…

Reader Feedback: The Too-Cool-for-Disney Age Gap

Dear Proprietress,

First of all, brilliant site. Not sure who is running this show but whoever she is must be brilliant.

Help me.

I am the father of 2 middle school aged children. My younger son refuses to watch Wall-E with me. How might I change this? Is he too old to have his brain modified with large doses of electricity.

Now for the really big issue…. I was in Best Buy and noticed that Finding Nemo was out in 3D. I asked them if they’d watch it with me. Their response – ‘no!’!!

Given their reaction, was it wrong for me to do the ‘Homer Simpson’ to them in the middle of the store?

Please help. I am considering family therapy which I can’t afford.


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Top Five Villain Songs

Feeling evil lately? I am.

Well, what better way to express your wicked ways than through song?

Nothing springs to mind.

Let’s explore Disney’s best sinful serenades, shall we?

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Top Five Disney Villains

So I was listening to a Disney podcast the other day (actually, the one I recommended in a previous post) and I heard a fun little rumor regarding Gaston’s Tavern in Disney World’s New Fantasyland. There may be an event that takes place there called “Unhappy Hour” where all the villains get together and lament about their thwarted evil plans.

The idea got me so excited that I decided to create a list of my favorite villains, with whom I’d love to share a pint of LeFou’s brew.

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The Magical World of Jack Sparrow

Oh, Jack. Remember when you were cool? When you first appeared on the silver screen with your spastic hands and your strangely sexy guyliner?  Critics loved you, little boys idolized you, tween girls salivated over you…but Disney just couldn’t keep their hands off of you, could they?

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