I Watched Disney Channel’s The Descendants So You Don’t Have To: Part 1

Welcome to Disney Channel’s The Descendants, the show where everything is poorly written fanfiction and the story doesn’t matter. That’s right, the story is like Disney’s 17 straight-to-DVD Tinker Bell movies. They don’t really matter and no one pays attention to them anyway.

Onto the movie! For those who don’t know, The Descendants is a movie Disney Channel has been advertising for a while as a story where all the children of iconic Disney villains go to school with the children of Disney heroes.

Sounds ridiculous? Oh, just you wait Henry Higgins.  Read More…

Top 5 Underrated Disney Movies

There are a lot of Disney movies, especially in recent past, that, though they’re wonderful movies, get a lot more hype than they really deserve.

Then there are these movies. Stellar little gems that are unfortunately overlooked and under-appreciated. I don’t just like these movies — I am passionately obsessed and if you disagree with any on this list, I will meet you with pistols at dawn.

Or balloon swords. Yeah, balloon swords are better.

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The Only Acceptable Plot Lines for Frozen 2

We all knew this was coming, guys. But I don’t know if any of us were quite prepared.

And I think this pretty much summarizes the Disnerd reaction:

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 6.23.12 PM

Yeah, Disney is returning to the sequel game. And, although they’ve regained my trust in a lot of ways, they have not yet earned back the sequels rights. So, the following are the only acceptable plots that would make me actively look forward to Frozen 2: The Quest for More Merchandise. Read More…

Why I Hate Cinderella

Note: I was never fully satisfied with the way this piece turned out, so I re-wrote it in a way that better encapsulates my feelings, click here to read that article!

Guys. It’s no secret. I’m a capital F Feminist.

Friendly reminder that feminism means economic, social, and political equality of the sexes and doesn’t involve humorless man-haters who think males should be kept underground and used only for breeding purposes like Time Magazine would have you believe. But I digress.

I also love Disney. That one should also be obvious. I mean, I have a blog about it.


So when I watch the original princess movies, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc, I get a little angsty at the anti-feminist messages the movies portray. As I’ve grown older, though, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits and occasional positive lessons to be learned from these movies as long as they’re given the proper context by the parents who introduce them. I’ve even come to genuinely like Snow White.

But there is one princess who defies salvation. Nothing can pardon her egregious sins against the cause for true equality of the sexes. Dat bitch? Read More…

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