About Me

I was first accused of being ‘overly obsessed’ in my junior year of high school. We had to write a paper on the importance of community service (gripping stuff, let me tell you), and I quoted the immortal words of the Shearman brothers in Mary Poppin’s “Feed the Birds.” My teacher docked points, saying that it was “cliché” and “childish.” I responded by looking him squarely in the eye and telling him firmly,

“You are never too old for Disney. You’re just too dead inside.”

I think that may have been my point of no return.

But High-School-Me had a point. Disney seems to represent the inner child that lives in all of us. If that little spark exists anywhere inside of you, Disney will touch it and make it explode into a giant bubble of happy. And if Mickey can’t wiggle even a little smile out of you, then there is no hope for you and I shake my head in pity.

But for the rest, I invite you to join me in my magical obsession. Whether you’re a Disney Diehard like me, or a person jumping on the bandwagon for the first time.

So what’s this the magical world of? Is it the Magical World of Disney? Of course not. Because if it was Disney lawyers would sue us for plagiarism. It’s the Magical World of all things Mickey. Of Dumbo, Ariel, and Mary Poppins. Of Tea Cups, Tower of Terror, and Spaceship Earth.  The Magical World of Walt, Ub, and Roy.  In short, in this site you will find Leah’s Magical World of Disney Obsession.

So check out the site! Post your comments! Follow me on TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblr and YouTube!

And welcome to my Magical World.

P.S. Just like PRISM, my site is being watched by big brother.

[Big Bro’s note: Always watching.]