Disney Controversially Turns LeFou Into a Stone Cold Murderer

As anyone who follows me on twitter — or listens when I shout incoherently out my window at night– knows, I am equal parts excited and apprehensive about the new live action remake of my favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast. On the one hand, Jungle Book. On the other hand, Maleficent. On the one hand, Ian McKellan as Cogsworth. On the other hand, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere. I could go on with this, but you’ve heard my window rants, so you know.

Basically this.

So of course I was very interested to read this article suggesting that LeFou will be explicitly gay in the new live action movie. I won’t be convinced Disney actually does the thing and doesn’t just try to publicize they did the thing until I see it in the movie theater, but I’m interested to watch this fun clip of one of my favorite Disney villain songs, Gaston, with this new information and HOLY CRAP LEFOU JUST KILLED A GUY.

That is not an innocent neck crack. That guy is DEAD. LeFou just snapped his neck!

“Oh, Leah,” you’ll say. “He’s fine, he makes your standard Weird-Moustache-Guy face and is totally alive right as LeFou lets go and slides into Sexy Pose™.”

No, that’s just how chickens still run around for a minute as they take the journey from “Chick” to “Fil-a.” Anne Boleyn was still moving her lips in prayer moments after her head was chopped off. Just sayin.

That guy is dead. LeFou killed him. True love ain’t bringing him back.

Which leaves us all wondering the important questions about one of Disney’s top henchmen

(I kinda hope it’s the latter)

I guess we’ll find out on March 17!

[Big Bro’s note: Dude just turned his own head, chill the eff out.]