A Gift Guide for Disney Characters

Oh no, Christmas Eve Day and you forgot to get something for your favorite Disney character? Never to fear! Follow this handy guide to get your animated amigo the perfect gift.

Cinderella ———————————————————— Running Shoes


And the correctly colored dress.

Aurora ————————————————————— Red Bull


Could save a lot of problems.

Sven ——————————————————————– A Carrot


Don’t you think he’s earned it?

Prince Eric ——————————————————- Pen and Paper


Now the next time he meets a hot mute chick, he can just have her write down “I’m the one who saved you but an evil Divine cos-player gave me a who-ha in exchange for my killer belt now kiss me or I turn into sea kelp,” and everything will be cool.

Aladdin ——————————————————– New Fez and Vest Combo


I mean, his is just so 3rd century.

Jack Sparrow —————————————————– Eye Makeup Remover


Seriously, Jack, it’s really bad for your skin to sleep with makeup on.

The Prince —————————————————————– A Name


And some chapstick.

Mrs. Jumbo ——————————————————- A Spa Day


If anyone needs one, it’s this mama.

Timon and Pumbaa ———————————————- A Bug Zapper


They’ll be thrilled at how much time this nifty cooking device can save! Leaves more time for bowling buzzards.

Mr Toad —————————————————————- Advil


After he wakes up from his “motor mania,” he’s gonna need it.

Snow White ——————————————————— A Social Worker



Hope all your Disney Holiday Wishes come true!