What Even Is Alan Tudyk?

Hey guys. You know Alan Tudyk?

Maybe not. He’s not that famous. But you may know him as this guy:

Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball

Or this guy:

Walsh from Firefly

And some of you may be surprised to know that he also voiced and did the motion capture for this guy:

Sonny from I, Robot

But we need to talk about him some more today. Because this guy has serious phenomenal cosmic powers. He not only has vocal talents that rival Paul Frees, he’s also becoming to Disney what John Ratzenberger is to Pixar.

It started when he did the voice of King Candy in Wreck it Ralph:


He won an Annie for his performance, and then went on to voice Duke Weselton from Frozen.

Like a monkey with the face of a peacock, I fly!

If you hadn’t been told that these two characters were voiced by the same person, would you ever have guessed it? To be clear, neither of these voices are even remotely similar to his natural speaking voice. They suit their characters perfectly and are wonderfully comedic without being dramatically overstated.

But that’s not all. People who have seen Big Hero 6 should know that he also voiced the smarmy Allistair Krei.

Just….what!? That voice sounded so natural with just the right hint of subtle douchiness, but still isn’t close to his natural voice. How can you be this talented, Alan Tudyk!? It’s not fair! Stop hogging all the awesome!

This guy never gets the spotlight of being the leading man, but he 1000% rocks every supporting role he’s given. He gets very little of the glory many of his co-stars do, but improves any movie he’s in. Can we just take a minute and appreciate that?

All I’m saying is, thank you for existing, Alan Tudyk.

  • Mouse on the Mind

    Godamn. He is one of my favorite actors of. all. time. Thanks for writing this <3

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