Top 5 Disney Character Interaction YouTube Videos

Usually character meet and greets are fairly perfunctory. Kid waddles up, presents the character with an autograph book, the character signs it, gives the kid a hug, snaps a picture, the next kid in the factory line waddles up and repeats the process.

But, when given the opportunity, the characters can get really creative with their interactions. Luckily, we have YouTube to share these unique experiences with thousands of Disnerd strangers. Here are my personal favorites.

Small Child Joins the Dark Side

This little girl knows the real hero of the Star Wars Trilogy, and she is ready to bow down in fealty.

Another Small Child Turns to the Dark Side…of Bar Room Drinking Songs

My parents may have taken me to Disney bars as a child, but at least they never taught me to use maracas as old lady boobs.

Lord, I miss The Adventurer’s Club so much it hurts.

The Mad Hatter Runs Off With Someone’s Cell Phone

Talk about embracing the character! Disneyland seems to get all the creative character interactions. In fact, just search “disneyland musical chairs” on YouTube and you’ll get a ton of fun videos to watch. Attending one of these soirees in person has become a life goal.

Peter Pan’s Life Advice

Sounds a lot like my own mantra…

The Stepsisters Finally Get Proposals!

Okay, yeah, this has become a pretty common gag now. But I think this video was one of the very first ones that started the trend. Plus, this is my favorite Anastasia. She kinda reminds me of Carol Burnett.

Some girls dream of being Cinderella…but my personal life goal is to play an ugly stepsister.

What are your favorite character interaction videos? More importantly, what character interaction videos do you want to see?

Because the next time I head to the parks, I will see the characters you request and ask them or tell them the things you want me to tell them (obeying the rule that certain words, phrase, and ideas cease to exist in Walt Disney World), and post the videos on my YouTube channel!

Want me to hand a Simba plush to Rafiki and play The Circle of Life on my iPhone? Or ask him to whack me over the head with his stick? Maybe ask Buzz Lightyear to go into “Spanish” mode? I could ask Gaston on a date, or even propose to a stepsister myself! Whatever your little hearts desire! Leave your requests in comments, tweet me, or tell me on Facebook!

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