Dirty Disney: Jungle Book Edition

Speaking of Jungle Book…

Yeah, I’m gonna ruin that one for you, too.

As a fellow disnerd, you’ve probably heard Bare Necessities pretty recently. Hell, it’s probably still stuck in your head from my last post.

But have you actually watched it recently? More specifically, this part?

Once again, the Walt Disney Corporation seems a little too keen on getting freaky with the fauna.

I mean, c’mon. After rubbing up and down on trees and making pleasurable groaning sounds, Baloo goes stiff and erect, his eyes bug out of his head, and then he collapses into a flaccid pile of relaxed bliss.

After all, he is teaching Mowgli about this bear’s necessities of life, which is apparently hibernation, mastication, and well, you can guess the last one.

Leaving the little kiddies giggling in blissful ignorance at the goofy bear making the funny faces while the parents are like:

Oh wait, they don’t know what’s really going on? Right, kids are stupid!

Snuck another one by them. Go me.

Now to go find a ‘tree’ of my own…

Yup, that was your parent’s thought process. Suitably scarred?

Until next time then!

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  • melanie

    He was itching! And that what bears do in real life. Beside a good scratch feel so good.

  • meow point1

    I agree with Melanie and just ask my mother. Lots of people and animals feel good after stretching