Wish List for Frozen on Broadway

Newsies just closed on Broadway! Which is kinda odd because they were still doing really well at the box office and it doesn’t make much sense to close such a profit machine…

But who am I to doubt the guy who decided to put Tarzan on Broadway?

Good ol’ Tommy says they just want to “go out on top.” But mayhaps they are clearing the way for a new production, perhaps based on their latest cash cow…

Yeah, it’s unlikely as they’re still in very early days of development for Frozen’s stage show. But it’s prompted me to make a wish list for this inevitable production.

1. Cast the Voice Actors for the Broadway Roles

Yes, this is unlikely as most of the cast is too old and/or famous for their roles. But if the Mouse can bring back Rod Serling from the dead for a pre show, then I’m sure they can fenagle some sort of deal. Don’t you have to technically sell your soul to Disney when you do a movie with them, anyway? How else do you explain Miley Cyrus?

I mean, who besides Josh Gad could make Olaf funny instead of mind numbingly irritating?

No one.

True, Idina’s had a few performances that make me question whether she could handle singing Let it Go eight times a week, but no one can sing that song like her. We’ve literally had millions of Youtube covers to prove it. And anyone questioning whether Kristen Bell has the stage skills to sell her performance, just watch this video. Also, we may want to consider having her play Anna at all three ages…because adorbs.

Just in case you need further convincing of Santino Fontana’s mad skillz…

If you need convincing of Josh Gad or Jonathan Groff’s Broadway prowess, then get your butt onto iTunes or Spotify and don’t come back until you’ve memorized every word of Book of Mormon and Spring Awakening.

Now that I’ve alienated half my audience, onto my next wish.

2. Reprises of Do You Want to Build a Snowman? and Love is an Open Door

I can’t take credit for these ideas, both come from the internets.

I think this would have been a little much for the movie, but on stage it would be perfect and hit you right in the feels.

As for the Love is an Open Door reprise…no, I don’t want a love duet for Anna and Kristoff. Someone on tumblr suggested a villainous twist right before Hans leaves Anna for dead and shuts the door on her…

I’d love to hear Kristen and Bobby’s brilliant take on these two concepts.

3. More development of Elsa and Anna’s relationship 

Actually, I’d just like more focus on Elsa’s character in general. I love Anna, don’t get me wrong. But Elsa is clearly the more intriguing character in all of this. And as great as their relationship in the movie was, there is so much untapped potential in their dynamic. Just check out these Lopez/Anderson songs that never made it to the cutting room.

I understand why these songs were cut, but if we could delve more into this relationship as something more than somber estrangement, I think it would escalate the story into something even more spectacular.

4. Proper Build Up to Let it Go

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Let it Go is in the wrong place.  Actually, it’s kind of in the wrong movie. It belongs in Elsa’s story, not Anna’s. So if the Broadway show focuses on Elsa’s growth more than Anna’s, then maybe they can really earn this epic ballad and make the song feel truly justified.

5. Cinderella Dress Change

No, I don’t mean this one.

Although, that does need to be fixed. 

I’m talking about this one.

The people who did the costumes for Broadway’s Cinderella are actual warlocks. So if they could bring this to life…?

That’d be great. Also bring in the soothsayer who created the Mary Poppins stage magic to make the ice castle.

What do you want to see in Frozen’s stage production? Or are have you cooled to the whole Frozen Frenzy?

  • I’m honestly not too psyched about the Frozen musical at all. I think they have really milked having no news about it, and I am thinking the next show to come on Broadway might be Hunchback after the Paper Mill tryout in March. (Someone is baking cookies or my candle smells so good that I got way distracted.) I agree with everything you say here except casting the people from the movie. I had a lot of trouble thinking of Elsa as her age because I knew Idina’s voice and she is just too old for it. I think she is a freaking powerhouse, but maybe someone like Lea Michele taking that role might work. (The amount of time before it comes to Bway might also work in their favor for a casting like that since Glee will be over for good.) Reworking the story is a must, and also spreading out the songs is another. Agree with the wardrobe stuff. That Cinderella transformation is awesome. I was just talking with someone today about Aladdin and these big flashy shows Disney puts on. I wish they could make something fill intimate like The Lion King still manages to do even if it’s in a big time theatre. Aladdin would have been more of a draw for me if they went in that kind of direction. (I can’t say it enough that I want them to cool their jets on this.)

    • LeahIsMagical

      Agreed! I read a review of one Aladdin out-of-town tryout that was done in a loose, low-budget, vaudeville style. I really wish they had stuck with that idea. Although a lot of people going to see Disney on Broadway expect spectacle and not much else, unfortunately. I am really excited for Hunchback, though. That score would be amazing to hear live! And yeah Idina is really too old for it…but I’m just not a big Lea Michele fan. Haha maybe they’ll get Kerry Butler, that woman will be playing teenagers until she’s gray! But if they don’t cast Josh Gad as Olaf like they cast Jonathan Freeman as Jafar, I’m going to have to insist they cut the character of Olaf entirely. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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