7 Reasons Why Baloo and Bagheera were Timon and Pumbaa Before it Was Cool

In the recent Frozen Frenzy that just never seems to die (says the girl who recently blogged about Frozen), many have pointed out the startling similarities between said Nordic cash cow and the African inspired The Lion King (the “Frozen of the 90s”).

However, I have discovered that this is just a continuing cycle. Because The Lion King totally ripped of Jungle Book.

Think about it.

1. Both films feature same sex animals of different species coming together to raise a young boy of yet another species.

Take that social advocacy tumblr! Bagheera and Baloo did it first.

But anyway. Back to the list.

2. One member of the duo is a little more pragmatic and logical…

(at least Timon thinks he is)

3….and the other is a goofy doofus.

4. Who encourages you to eat bugs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.06.26 PM

5. They both serenade their young squire with a catchy song about their simplistic life philosophy. 

And it will never leave your head.

[Big Bro’s note: I have a weird blend of both now. It’s… interesting.]

But that’s not all.

6. In order to save their wards, they both distract the villain by dressing in drag and dancing — both adorned in a grass skirt, headpiece, and one other item.

7. And to top it off, both beautiful trios are broken up by some dumb bitch. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.17.43 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.23.05 PM

[Big Bro’s note: At least Simba invited his friends to live with him. Mowgli doesn’t even say goodbye. What a dick.]

Bonus Point:  Lion King‘s original title was “King of the Jungle.”

…until animators remembered that lions don’t live in the jungle.