Re-Watching and Re-Viewing: Deconstructing Disney

It’s January, people!  Late January. The Christmas lights are in the attic and the New Years hangover was cured by a bloody mary and a quickly annulled marriage. So that means we go on to celebrating…

Absolutely nothing!

But fear not, dear followers. I have a plan to cure your winter blues. A 53 part plan. Starting with Snow White and going all the way through Frozen (now their highest grossing film!)

I will watch each and every one of Disney’s theatrically released animated films. Each movie will inspire one post…perhaps a review, perhaps a snarky satire, perhaps a feminist rant (I’m gonna apologize for Cinderella ahead of time), or perhaps a bizarre rambling of a deranged twenty-something whose mind is already slipping slowly away…

Some of these films I have memorized (Lion King), some I have mixed feelings towards (Peter Pan), and some I can barely remember (Black Cauldron). I’ll be sticking to the 53 films produced by the Walt Disney Animation Studio, so no Pixar, sequels, Burton, etc.

If you want to follow my twitter feed, I will be live tweeting all my initial reactions.

No, I’m no Leonard Maltin. I’m just a crazed adult fan with a little too much time on her hands. But isn’t that the average Disney demographic? I’m going to pretend it is. And I invite you to share your opinions as I share mine, in whatever bizarre form they come in.

[Big Bro’s Note: We use the term “adult” very loosely around here.]

No matter what, there will be sass. There will be Disney. There will be fangirl squeals and cries. And there will be giant bubbles of happy.

Take a journey with me on my grand and miraculous spaceship as we travel through the Ages of Disney.

[Big Bro’s Note: Didn’t your parents ever warn you about getting in cars/spaceships with strangers?]

Yes they did
Stay tuned! First stop…


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  • Cinderfella

    This was my resolution as well To watch all of the animated films. I look forward to reading your posts on each one.

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  • Steve

    I’ll be honest.

    I’ve been following your blog for a pretty long time.
    And I have just got to say, this has got to be the biggest, craziest, coolest thing you’ve decided to do. I’m watching your progress with fascination, so long as I can take breaks from hectic day-to-day life to savor it.