Recommendation: Starkid’s “Twisted”

When you think about it, Aladdin is kind of an asshole.

And I don’t just mean what happens when you play the bread scene backwards.

Heh. Heh. Stupid hungry children.

I mean, he’s not exactly the most moral of heroes. He freely admits to stealing literally everything. Maybe that loaf of bread was that vendor’s livelihood! What’s stopping Aladdin from getting a job, anyway? And hey, didn’t Abu kill that sword eater when he, essentially, slit his throat?

abu homicide

While we’re at it, wouldn’t Jasmine attacking a visiting dignitary with a bengal tiger have some sort of political ramifications?

All of this and more is explored in the tongue-in-cheek, hilarious musical parody called Twisted, brought to you by Starkid. They’re the satiric theater group who brought you A Very Potter Musical, and if you haven’t seen that you should check it out as well. “Twisted” is a clever, alternative view of the movie Aladdin from Jafar’s point of view. The humor can be, at times, crude for the sake of crudeness, but it can also be as witty and inventive as you would hope any satire would be. I laughed until my sides hurt and I plan on watching it again, soon.

So next time you have two and a half hours to kill, kick up your feet and support this innovative new theater group. The whole thing is on youtube!

Because, after all, aren’t villains the real heroes of the story?

Except Cruella. Dat bitch cray.