Five WDW Attractions in Need of Love

Okay, so I’m running out of synonyms for “wonderful” and “magical.” So instead of breaking out the thesaurus, I’ve decided to switch to complaint mode. Seems reasonable.

After all, Disney isn’t perfect. They certainly have their pitfalls. And no one is better at complaining than me. So I’ve decided to create a handy man list for Disney Imagineering of rides that need to be refurbished. I’ll give it to them when we have lunch next Tuesday.

To be clear, these aren’t rides that I want demolished. That’s another post for another time. These are rides that I love and enjoy but are in need of a little makeover. Or a big makeover. Depends.

Let us begin!

5. Great Movie Ride

I love this ride. It’s quaint, it’s adorable, it’s fun! Plus, I’m a movie buff. So I love being able to travel through the classic movies. But it has gotten a little worn. Can we update the movies a bit? Throw some new ‘classics’ in?

I don’t know if this is even possible, but it would be super cool if they had multiple tracks you could possibly go through where each one has different movie scenes.

Although, I hesitate because I know if Disney did update this ride it would be synergy-tastic with the lastest Disney films and not much else. I really can’t handle more Jack Sparrow.

4. Spaceship Earth

I know, this one was just refurbished. And I liked some of the updates! The new garage scene is way cool and I enjoy the 70’s giant computer room. I do really dislike the new tone they took with the ride, though. I’ve stated before, it sounds like a kindergarten classroom instead of an epic journey.

Which brings me to why I think it needs a refurb: the ending.

I get that they’re afraid of the rapid-speed evolution of technology constantly outdating them. After all, the reason they had to change the first ending was because the “amazing futuristic technology” is now known as Skype. Not so awe inspiring anymore. So they created a dinky little cartoon that predicts a Meet-the-Jeffersonsian future that they can easily update if necessary. Safe, but dull and anticlimactic.

What I remember most about the old version wasn’t the promise of a more technologically advanced future, but the celebration of a closely interconnected present. Remember how this ride is supposed to be “grand and miraculous”? A simple re-tooling could make it that way again.

Make it happen, cap’n.

3. Expedition Everest

Hey guys? Fix the yeti. It’s gotten embarrassing.

2. Carousel of Progress

Oh, this ride. It hits all the warm squishy parts. The charm, the dog, the song! This was Walt’s baby! It premiered at the World’s Fair! But it’s not faring (har har) so well these days. Last time I saw this attraction it was a-creaking and a-squeaking. Mouths didn’t move properly. Gears made loud noises.

It needs some TLC.

Plus, the last “futuristic” scene could use an update. I understand this one has the same problem as Spaceship Earth: by the time they finish building it might be outdated already. So don’t make it a tableau of the future! Make it a tableau of 2013. It’s just the next installment of the series. Doesn’t need to be prophetic. This is how far we’ve come, yay! Who knows what the next years will bring? There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…

And the number one attraction in need of a refurb is…

1. Journey into Imagination with Figment

Hey guys…

Bring back the Dreamfinder!!!!!!

That is all.

What ride do you want to see updated?

  • Oh! This is a fantastic topic. I can agree with a few of these. I mean, honestly, I don’t care about the Yeti. I’m usually screaming at that point and my eyes are closed and I’m trying to remember if I’m seated by kids because I’m shouting not so nice things. Maybe this is why he is broken in the first place? Not sure.

    So agree with the last scene in Carousel and Figment desperately needs it. One I would add though is Universe of Energy. I did it this trip for the first time in YEARS and it is a snore and totally outdated. Great Movie Ride is a tough one. I have had these conversation with myself many times. What movies are smart enough to add in there? Titanic? I really have no clue. What would make the cut? I wish they would just change up the cast members speech. I hate overhearing the same shit when we are stuck in the same room. It pisses me off. haha. I’m getting angry now. Again, liked this post a lot!! Very fun.

    • LeahIsMagical

      I agree, the GMR schpiel at least needs to be updated! As for the Yeti, I just feel it’s a shame when they built this incredibly advanced animatronic that everything in the ride and queue build up to, and they can’t get it to work right. The strobe effect is kind of anti climactic. Plus, I remember when the yeti did work. It was phenomenal.
      I actually have to disagree with you on Universe of Energy. I agree it is outdated, but I love it too much to let it go!

  • I think Soarin is a prime example of some tender loving care. The fact that the there are now holes in the film really disturbs the ride. I don’t like that there are effects broken on EE or Dinosaur. And I’m not talking the Yeti either. The trains themselves had much better steam effects to give the illusion they were steam trains. They just dont bother fixing those. I understand the Yeti repair is a major project but they should be fixing the “little things” too

    • LeahIsMagical

      Oh, true! I don’t know how hard it is to fix those holes but they are definitely distracting.

  • Lindsey

    Great post!!!! I think universe of energy is screaming for a refurb or replace it with something new!!
    Agree with you about GMR and Journey into imagination. I’m over the backlot express tour in Hollywood Studios too: I liked it a lot better when they took you through the “houses on set”. We usually skip it.

    • LeahIsMagical

      I actually meant to put Backlot Tour on the Honorable Mention! Along with Animation Tour. Except I don’t know how they’d fix it considering they don’t use the park as a studios anymore :/

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