Update: Fantasyland Dragon Sighting! Look quick because it ain’t staying long…

So a few hours after I blogged about all the dragon hype, Disney released a tweet containing this video. They did release their dragon tonight, a special treat for the media event celebrating New Fantasyland. Happy Birthday Walt, have a dragon!

This thing looks very cool.  You can see the scales, the color, the detail of the wings, and the big guy even breathes fire!

One problem. The video is entitled “A Flying, Fire Breathing Dragon Makes a One-Night Appearance Dec 5 2012 to Celebrate the Grand Opening of New Fantasyland.”

Wait. A what-now appearance?

One Night Only? Disney, I didn’t care for that song when Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson sang it and I’m less thrilled that you’re singing it now. That’s what you’ve been spending all this time hyping up the fans for? A press event stunt?

Please tell me you’re going to do more with this thing. You’ve created a flying, fire breathing dragon. And you’re going to fly it around once for the press, show it on twitter, and then never use it again? Direct to DVD sequels get more attention than that!

Hopefully, they’re just prolonging the hype. Like Billy Joel when he makes you beg for him to come back and sing Piano Man by using the lighter app on your smartphone.  Or maybe they haven’t worked out to the technical kinks yet.

Either way, Disney. We were promised a mystical guardian dragon. Not a video clip. You got some s’plaining to do.