The Dragons are Here! The Dragons are Here!

If you’re like me, you’ve been following Gary B on Twitter as he posts all of Disney’s “dragon updates.” If you’re not, you should. He’s the one behind the official parks blog who has been teasing us with all the videos and photos lately.

Mostly these videos have been using CGI dragons, but this latest one seems to feature the actual mechanical dragon. Along with some pretty killer pajamas…

The video also gives a peak into the exterior shots of the new elaborately themed “Be Our Guest Restaurant.”

Fun fact: Apparently each and every one of the gargoyles outside are named “Frank.” Or so decided the Fantasyland construction workers.

Here’s another cute teaser video of Gary B asking Disney characters if they’ve seen any dragon-like activity.

Disney’s PR department is doing a phenomenal job of hyping this up.  I just hope the actual event lives up to it all.

But, I mean…it’s dragons! How can they go wrong?

We’ll see! Stay tuned!

Update: Apparently the dragons were only kinda here.