Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster

With all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention that Disney revealed a portion of a ride simulation of their upcoming dark ride/coaster combo, “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster.”

It looks like this is going to be a combo of the old Snow White dark ride and a Thunder Mountain Railroad type of coaster. Interesting. Closest thing I’ve seen to that is “Crush’s Coaster” in Disneyland Paris which showed a couple of Finding Nemo scenes before going off on a fun roller coaster ride around the EAC.

I’m really glad they decided to revamp/replace the old “Snow White”s Scary Adventures” dark ride. It was boring for the older crowd and terrifying for the younger. Not sure why a ride marketed toward the same crowd as the Bippity Boppity Boutique would highlight the “scary” part of this princess movie…maybe Disney likes to make children scream? Would explain why they haven’t replaced “Stitch’s Great Escape.”

Either way, they’re rectifying the situation in a ride that looks like kids and adults will both enjoy.

I’m particularly impressed by the design of the vehicle that, like a mine cart, will swing back and forth on the track.

This ride will open in a little over a year, so the Imagineers say, when the New Fantasyland will finally be completed. It will join a “Princess Fairytale Hall” which will be much like “Pete’s Silly Sideshow:” an air conditioned, crowd-managing structure to meet-and-greet princesses.

Now that the new land is open, Disney has changed up their “break the curse” website to include an interactive quality. It’s a little cheesy and takes a while to load, but kinda cute at the same time.


  • Hey I LOVED the Snow White ride when I was 3. But I think at that time, the E.T. ride was still my favorite.